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MSR Folks Working in Social Computing

Posted by Scott on August 18, 2010

It was pointed out to me recently that MSR’s web presence for our collective social computing effort is painfully out of date. Ah, group web pages – serious diffusion of responsibility. In a small effort to remedy the situation (without, of course, actually taking the time to fix the group web pages), here is a list of some of the people and groups working in the social media/computing space as of summer 2010.

Note that while I provide short descriptions, each person’s work is considerably more multifaceted than that. Also, this list could be a touch shorter if you restricted your definition of social computing, but it would be much longer if you broadened to include areas like CSCW, telepresence, and HCI. Finally, I’m sure I missed people, especially outside the Redmond lab.

Redmond Lab

Adaptive Systems and Interaction (ASI, CLUES)


Machine Learning and Applied Statistics

Natural Language Processing


Text Mining, Search, Navigation

New England Lab

China Lab

  • Chen Zhao (SNSs in China, enterprise social computing)

India Lab


Outside MSR

  • FUSE – Lots of innovation in social media going on there.
  • Bing – Bing is also really innovative and has great people. Check www.bing.com/social , which should continue to get more sophisticated and more interesting. Also, check the twitter and hyperlocal blog map mashups from Matt Hurst and company.



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